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Ceremony Packages

Our stylists have created beautiful ceremony packages to suit different locations and budgets. Please look through the packages to HELP you decide what style or colour theme you would like to have for your ceremony. But remember that your wedding day should be YOUR WAY! That is why we are happy to mix and match the packages to your liking. If there is anything specific you would like to add to your ceremony package that is not listed on our website please enquire and most probably we will be able to meet your requirements.

All package prices include 20 guests' chairs. If you require additional chairs they are available at extra cost.

To make your ceremony truly special for you, comfortable and memorable for your guests we have a wide range of CEREMONY EXTRAS available, please see the list here.

Beach theme

Gorgeous flowy beach wedding style decorated with white draping, starfish pews and sea grass. This is one of our most popular packages for both beach and garden weddings.

Price: $420

Romantic/Vintage Theme

Beautiful ceremony package styled in light pink and white colours, so elegant and classy. Perfect for a garden or backyard wedding.

Price: $480

Beach theme with yellow accents

Lovely ceremony package decorated in beach theme with shells and yellow accents. Great colour choice for a beach wedding, yellow colour compliments gorgeous natural colours of the shells. Would work wonderful with yellow, beige or brown colours for bridesmaids dresses.

Price: $450


Simple yet stylish

Great choice of a ceremony style for couples looking for a simple styling or couples on budget. Perfect choice for DIY option as it is very easy to set up unlike packages with wedding arches and bamboo arbores.

Price $240

Beach/Garden classic white  theme

Graceful ceremony package decorated in white style with white chiffon draping and white roses. Aisle draping makes the aisle stand out like in no other package; you will absolutely love walking down this aisle. Torches can be replaced with shepherd hooks for more classic style.

Price $480


Beach/Garden theme

Stunning ceremony package decorated in beach theme with starfish and aqua blue accents. Unique aisle decoration with big rocks is perfect for a bare foot beach wedding - great alternative of an aisle runner.

Price $420


Vintage/Classic theme

Graceful ceremony package styled in vintage dusty pink colour with lace, crystals and light pink roses.

Price $480


Classic theme with peach colour accents

Wonderful ceremony package styled in peach theme, decorated with white and peach chiffon draping and peach rose flowers.

Price $420

Classic theme with bright violet colour accents

Delicate ceremony package styled in violet and blue theme, decorated with white chiffon draping, violet accents and blue flowers.

Price $420

Unique aqua blue beach theme

Exquisite ceremony package decorated in aqua blue style and yellow Frangipani flowers.

Price $420

Stunning bright theme. Dare to be different!

Bright ceremony package decorated in white&pink style with white and pink chiffon draping, and pink Frangipani.

Price $420

Graceful white theme with pink accents

Lovely ceremony package decorated in white&pink style with white chiffon draping, pink accents and pink flowers.

Price $420

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